AI Investor Reverse Pitch: Fund Your Startup or Showcase Your Product

AI Investor Reverse Pitch

The areas of data science and artificial intelligence are hot commodities in which organizations, VCs and even individuals actively seek to invest. While start-ups usually do the pitching of their idea, product and vision to investor in order to gain fund, it is a rarer site to see investor groups pitch their position in the growing field.

This is why ODSC flipped the tradition roles and is putting AI investors in the hot seat through the formation of the ODSC AI Investor Reverse Pitch event. This event, occurring in Boston on May 1st from  6:15pm – 7:30pm, enables start-up companies and contributors to hear the position of AI investment companies as they pitch their organization, vision and the reason that start-ups or data science projects should partner with them for funding.

We are delighted to host the following partners from some of top investment VC funds in  data science including

  • Alex Benick, Partner, Battery Investments
  • Cort Johnson, Co-Founder And Partner, Reverb Advisors
  • Freddie Martignetti, Partner, Highland Capital Partners
  • Jack Klinck, Managing Partner, Hyperplane
  • Graham Brooks, Partner, ..406 Ventures
  • Russ Wilcox, Partner, Pillar Venture Capital

This is a free event open to the entire data science and startup community. Please register here. Accelerate AI and ODSC East ticket holders just need to show their badge and do not need to register.


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